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You can purchase Janie's hardback and paperback books, CDs and downloads via this website.
Another Song About Love is currently available for sale through all major retailers.
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With every copy of a hardback or paperback book ordered from my website you'll get a free download card of songs. Order a paperback and I'll send you an autographed copy of the novel plus the collection of 15 songs: 
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Another Song About Love 
Another Song About Love opens in the burgeoning music scene of 1980s Melbourne, when Lillie Bloom and her friends, Wendy and Anna, form a rock band. It’s a time

when roles for women are undergoing great change and ideals of romantic love and the nuclear family are being challenged. Determined to find success, Lillie juggles her music career, her love life and being a mother to her son, Jesse. As the wheels of the music industry churn through her life, the love of friends and family, and especially her son, helps Lillie survive the rocky road of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

With the sexism of the global entertainment industry being questioned once again, and the #MeToo movement gaining international traction, Lillie Bloom’s grit and determination is a timely testament to the strength and resilience women have needed in order to succeed in their chosen careers.


A collection of songs to accompany Another Song About Love is also available on CD or online through this website as well as through other online outlets. The book and the collection of songs bring Janie’s creative worlds –music and writing– together for the first time.

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Beneath the Grace of Clouds 
This book was originally published in 2010 by Cockatoo Books. The novel tells a history of Australia through the eyes of three extraordinary women. Their stories unfold in an intriguing fact-fiction tapestry that begins with the first fleet and reaches its resolution at the dawn of the new millennium. If you are interested in ordering a copy, contact Janie at
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