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Author of the highly acclaimed,

beneath the grace of clouds.


Janie Conway Herron,
Novelist, poet, musician, songwriter.

Janie Conway Herron comes from a well-known,
richly musical Australian family.

Growing up in Melbourne with brothers Mic and Jim Conway was pure creative delight.

Encouraged by their parents to create, perform and explore, each of the Conways have gone on to have unique and successful careers in the creative arts.


Playing music and songwriting is an exciting and rewarding part of Janie’s life. She has  performed with numerous bands and toured nationally.


After turning to study, Janie graduated with BA and Masters degrees from the University of Technology, Sydney and went on to gain her doctorate in Creative Writing from Western Sydney University. With that momentum, Janie spent the next fifteen years,  teaching, mentoring students and coordinating the Creative Writing Program at Southern Cross University in the northern rivers area of NSW.


Janie’s essays, poems, and short stories have been published in a number of journals and anthologies; her first full-length novel, Beneath the Grace of Clouds, was published in 2010 to great critical acclaim.

With creativity and compassion at the centre of her life, Janie has been conducting internationally recognised creative writing workshops with Burmese refugees since 2004. The stories resulting from this project were published in anthologies titled ‘Burma Women’s Voices’ and can be accessed via    


Janie's project of novel and songs Another Song About Love is available for sale from this website as well as a a number of online platforms. For further information and giveaways go to the Read and Listen sections of this website. 

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